The SecureNet service offers major users of wireless computer networking (WLAN) the ability to monitor the network, to confirm that the infrastructure is optimised for best performance and to evidence that the network is secure to defined standards and policies.

The process supporting SecureNet allows for a scaled approach to real time network monitoring & support providing for a layered response.

The Network infrastructure service can monitor and support all types of wireless infrastructure (MESH, WiMAX, Point-to-point (PtP), Point-to-multipoint (PMP), Wi-fi etc),network switches, routers, UPS, security systems and environmental monitoring
Services include:-

  • Real time off site monitoring of wireless network performance
  • Monitoring of network attached devices such a routers, switches, CCTV DVRs,
    security cameras etcSecurity
  • Detection of network intrusion attempts
  • 24x7 customer support by qualified engineers
  • On-site system support and maintenance
  • Spares holding and management
  • Real-time and periodic status reporting
  • SecureNet portal for secure customer access to performance data
  • Provides evidence of compliance with security polices and standards

The SecureNet service has be designed by Comfort Zone to assist in the management of network infrastructure, ensure compliance with standards, provides a professional response to network issues, assist with network load management and future planning.

Should you have any questions regarding SecureNet and its services please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Motorola Solutions

*SecureNet will not pass your details onto any 3rd parties and they will only be used to contact you regarding your enquiry.